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Key limes in bowl

Simple Composition in Green, Orange, and Brown

Photography is one of my life’s passions. I keep a lightweight tripod, light stand, tungsten bulb, and umbrella tucked away in the kitchen cabinet to capture the fleeting moments of beauty in food prep. With the right eye (and angle), you can transform the simple, humble ingredient like a key lime, rutabaga, or oyster mushroom […]

Pears in the morning sunlight

Pears in the Morning Light

I found an old photo in my archive that beautifully illustrates simplicity. These four pears recline gracefully in the sunlight, Rubenesque and carefree. The metadata for this photo is also simple: a crop sensor Canon 60D with the beautiful 85mm f/1.8, ISO 100, f/3.5, and a tripod-mounted 1/6 with a nearly imperceptible amount of sharpening […]

Ten juicy tangerines

Snack Time: Ten Tangerines

Snack time in my Afterschool class is always an exciting endeavor. Being health-conscious, it’s my duty to offer wholesome vittles to my students, especially since there’s a dearth of healthy food options available where I teach. Continue Reading

Vegan cupcake


This muffin, muted and stately, sits atop a textured background and rises with a graceful elegance. More, it tasted divine. Graceful

Flickr is Now Biggr, Spectaculr, and Wherevr


My Flickr Pro account lapsed into a 500MB free account years ago, the same time my interest in the pioneering photo-sharing service lapsed. The magic just wasn’t there anymore, and I believe the powers-that-be in the Flickr offices noticed users abandoning their accounts, one by one. Yahoo! has given Flickr its mojo back now with the much-anticipated, long-overdue facelift they just revealed. Finally, Flickr has been brought into the modern era.

Cute phrases like BiggrSpectaculr, and Wherevr show that Flickr is serious about being cool again (awesome, actually), and they’re putting a significant amount of weight behind these catchy terms to prove it. I’m very impressed with the new features and may fire up my old account again to test them out.

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