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Taking Teaching Seriously

A child inscribed “Mr. Scott is a ni**a, a b***h a** ni**a” into the wooden window ledge. That’s serious. Or, is it? I realize the child who scrawled their discontent permanently into the wood was merely expressing their frustration with me. It most likely stemmed from my insistence on their doing homework, or respecting the […]

Two Children on an iMac

I filmed this short movie of two young children enjoying some quiet time in front of an iMac watching cartoons. It has a deliberate, slow pace and emphasizes their cooperation. The big brother chooses what to watch and the little sister enjoys his choices. Continue Reading

Key limes in bowl

Simple Composition in Green, Orange, and Brown

Photography is one of my life’s passions. I keep a lightweight tripod, light stand, tungsten bulb, and umbrella tucked away in the kitchen cabinet to capture the fleeting moments of beauty in food prep. With the right eye (and angle), you can transform the simple, humble ingredient like a key lime, rutabaga, or oyster mushroom […]

Pears in the morning sunlight

Pears in the Morning Light

I found an old photo in my archive that beautifully illustrates simplicity. These four pears recline gracefully in the sunlight, Rubenesque and carefree. The metadata for this photo is also simple: a crop sensor Canon 60D with the beautiful 85mm f/1.8, ISO 100, f/3.5, and a tripod-mounted 1/6 with a nearly imperceptible amount of sharpening […]

Ten juicy tangerines

Snack Time: Ten Tangerines

Snack time in my Afterschool class is always an exciting endeavor. Being health-conscious, it’s my duty to offer wholesome vittles to my students, especially since there’s a dearth of healthy food options available where I teach. Continue Reading

Inner city children at school

Underperforming Inner City Children Need Access

Recently I’ve found that more than discipline, referrals, suspension, and medication, many underperforming inner city children need one simple thing to increase their performance—access. Access to what? Access to anything their better-off (or well-to-do) counterparts have access to. While I’m not a clinician or therapist, my cursory assessments of the children I’ve taught over the years has made it clear that their behavior problems could be reasonably curtailed, over time, when these children simply have access to things. Continue Reading

Daily Prompt: Fight or Flight

WordPress Daily Prompt: When faced with confrontation, do you head for the hills or walk straight in? Was there ever a time you wished you’d had the opposite reaction?

Neither option is acceptable for me as a creative professional in the greatest city in the world. I’m a problem solver. I’m tasked with listening to clients’ problems and producing solutions they’re eager to pay for, ideally, repeatedly. I don’t take flight or engage in reckless battle when confrontation arises. I use my head and think.

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Daily Prompt: Switcheroo

WordPress Daily Prompt: If you could switch blogs with any blogger for a week, with whom would you switch and why?

Switching blogs typically implies dissatisfaction—dissatisfaction with your blog, your writing voice, your theme…your audience, your direction, your ability… Sometimes, it allows for a different creative expression or perspective. I’m satisfied with my blog because I thought it through and like the direction I’m taking. However, for the sake of this exercise, the only blogger I’d switch blogs for a week with is Taymer Mason of Vegan in the Sun. Ms. Mason is the author/blogger who wrote the scrumptious Caribbean Vegan book.

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