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James “Pop” Gaskins

Creative in Solitude

James “Pop” Gaskins, manning Camera 2 (I was working as the Floor Manager at the time) on the Community with G. Anthony show. While we worked as a team, communicating via headset and hand signals, each creative eventually settles into a state of solitude to concentrate on their part of the whole production. Solitude

Inner city children at school

Underperforming Inner City Children Need Access

Recently I’ve found that more than discipline, referrals, suspension, and medication, many underperforming inner city children need one simple thing to increase their performance—access. Access to what? Access to anything their better-off (or well-to-do) counterparts have access to. While I’m not a clinician or therapist, my cursory assessments of the children I’ve taught over the years has made it clear that their behavior problems could be reasonably curtailed, over time, when these children simply have access to things. Continue Reading

Yoga for Inner-City Children

Afterschool Yoga for Inner City Children

My students reside in low-income parts of Brooklyn, NY, where options are limited and exposure to the arts is rudimentary, if it happens at all. The Executive Director of my school insisted that he wanted my students to have what the schools in Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights have in their schools. I have to admit that’s a tall order! We have neither the budget nor the staff, the infrastructure nor the support, so I was tasked with pulling a rabbit out of a hat to fulfill that lofty ideal. Continue Reading

A Quick Trip to the African Burial Ground in NYC

I took a quick trip to the #AfricanBurialGround in #NYC after #church today. Needed to reconnect with the other #spiritual side, to revisit the other spiritual warriors whose faith carried them through the most unspeakable suffering that humans could endure…who cried out for deliverance from oppression…who knew better days were coming if they kept up […]

PARALLAX Submitted to Local Film Festivals

I’m serious about PARALLAX—I want as many people as possible to watch and learn from this movie. One way to get a wide audience is to expand beyond my boundaries so more eyes can see it, eyes that I would not be in front of, otherwise. That’s where film festivals play a pivotal role. I’ve […]

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