Having completed The Lounge back in November, my classroom was about as finished as I could get it. Time and budget constraints restricted what I was able to accomplish, so I left well enough alone knowing that I would exceed what I did when September came. Nevertheless, there was one thing I could do to add a bit of panache to the classroom—add a colorful new banner.

Simplicity was the order of the day. I set up the letters for the banner in Apple Pages, printed them on plain paper, traced them on colored sheets of tissue paper, and painted the letters with white “school” paint. That didn’t fare well initially because the paint was too thin, bleeding through and deforming the paper. I opted for the tissue paper due to its light weight and translucency, which would allow the light to flow through. Construction paper, which is opaque, wouldn’t give me the same effect.

After drying, I repainted the letters with two additional coats of thick acrylic paint. What a difference that made! The project was salvaged and went on according to my idea. I finished by running a length of lightweight laundry rope from wall to wall and hanging the colored sheets over the rope.

The individual sheets of paper move gently with the passing breeze from someone walking by or a draft from an open window. Perfect. Just as I envisioned.

via Daily Prompt: Opaque