I enjoy creative pursuits when I’m not teaching, particularly photography. While I can set up lights and lighting ratios, hire stylists, do location scouting, and the wrangle million intricate parts of a photoshoot into a manageable production, it can be overwhelming. I often prefer the streamlined approach of the minimalist one-light photoshoot.

It’s not only the preproduction work, it’s also the visual “noise” in modern photography, especially food photography, that can overwhelm the viewer and the photography team. You’ll usually find descriptive elements throughout the photo to support the main subject, objects that I find extraneous.

For this photo, I opted to photograph the subject as you would find it if you were using it directly. No need for MacBooks or other props to clutter the shot. Just the object itself, as found naturally in its environment.

This photo is straight out of camera with absolutely no post-processing. The metadata for this photo is also simple: a full-frame Canon 6D with the incredible 100mm f/2.8L Macro, ISO 100, f/8, and a tripod-mounted 1/25.

via Daily Prompt: Overwhelming