My classroom has practically no natural light, even though I have far more plants than anyone else in my school. The overhead fluorescent lights are horrible so I move my plants to another classroom several times per week to get sunlight (yes, it’s a lot of work). It’s amazing how much the plants perk up with exposure to sunlight, and how great the other classrooms look when my babies come to visit.

Since I teach a rudimentary Urban Gardening class on Mondays, my students are responsible for taking care of the plants. We democratically choose a new monitor every week (we call the individual a Botanist) and the student waters the plants, aerates the soil, and checks the leaves. Inner city children need far more exposure to the natural world so I keep plants (Pothos and Philodendrons), three Goldfish, and a Betta fish in my classroom for them to study and take care of (the fish monitor is the Aquarist). Tending to something in God’s creation develops the passive graces, something that isn’t developed in school.