Playing with My Food from stillswordsandmotion on Vimeo.

I filmed this brief web video on a Canon EOS 60D with an 85mm lens on my kitchen table. My subject was a bowl of cherry tomatoes, snacking tomatoes, and habanero peppers. These three ingredients made a beautiful harmony of red, yellow, and green—a bold, colorful contrast to the static white environment they performed in.

Thankfully, no one was around to see me repeatedly scoop up the ingredients and pour them forcefully into the bowl with the exaggerated movements I used for every take. You know, there’s something magical about imagining an orchestra playing while you prepare food…it makes you animated in the kitchen.

So this is the finished product: 12 seconds of fun (which probably took two hours for preproduction, production, and post production, not including writing this blog post and publishing everything). I admit that all I did was very rudimentary post work because I’m relatively new to Premiere. I added two effects: Shadow/Highlight and Three-Way Color Corrector; just enough effects to ensure that I got a pleasing image from my original footage, which I shot flat with the CineStyle profile.

A shot like this doesn’t require color grading, more color correction. No need to adjust the hue of the shadows or highlights because I want the footage to be factual with just a hint of emphasis.

Music by Kevin MacLeod