I received an unusual, last minute request to photograph donuts for a same-day publication. What was the rush? Today, June 6, 2014, is National Donut Day. Really (I never heard of it, either). The client wanted to seize the moment and be relevant to the confection-minded Googlers around the world.
National Donut DayThese shots were for an editorial piece. We settled on a stark, matter-of-fact composition where the donuts took center stage. The first shot, taken inside with ambient light, is a high-key, white-on-white photo with powdered donuts. The second and third shots, taken outdoors with ambient light, use a cinnamon and a plain donut. No chocolate was used because of the caffeine (the client is health-conscious and doesn’t believe in using stimulants like caffeine), so the palette is relatively neutral.
National Donut Day National Donut Day

The third shot emphasizes the environment more than the first two, opting for an urban background.

These donuts were photographed RAW using a Canon EOS 60D with a 17-40mm f/4 L lens and edited in Aperture 3. I did very minimal post on these, simply cropping, tweaking the white balance a bit, minor sharpening, and minor blemish removal. These were shot with a neutral profile.