I’m serious about PARALLAX—I want as many people as possible to watch and learn from this movie. One way to get a wide audience is to expand beyond my boundaries so more eyes can see it, eyes that I would not be in front of, otherwise. That’s where film festivals play a pivotal role.

I’ve submitted PARALLAX to two local film festivals so far. Each festival has its own marketing and audience, so I’ll have the opportunity to show my movie to each. Their marketing is responsible for bringing in an audience, and that’s where I benefit—they do the heavy lifting and I just have to deliver an engaging movie (self-promotion through my social media channels is still a good idea). The first festival I’ve submitted to is the NEC Communication Film Festival. This is their first-ever festival, so there’s no way of knowing the quality of work they’ll receive (and, consequently, what kind of competition PARALLAX will face).

PARALLAX submitted to the NEC Communication Film FestivalThe second festival is the Holywood Christian Film Festival of New York, which is in its third year. I’ve seen some of the work from previous festivals and believe the competition will be strong.PARALLAX submitted to the Holywood Christian Film Festival of New York

Both festivals are from faith-based institutions, so the experience may differ from other film festivals. The official “rules” prohibit certain subject matter and focus on morally-sound content, so there won’t be any NSFW surprises.

I’m also looking forward to the festivals for the experience as a movie producer. I may have the opportunity to market my movie to interested parties, so my “elevator pitch” has to be impressive. There’s so much to prepare for, and I’ll be ready for it.