I recently completed work on one of my most ambitious projects to date—a short movie shot with two actors and one Production Assistant in a rented location in Brooklyn—and I’m delighted to finally show the world.

The emphasis is on finally because it’s literally been years since we wrapped taping. Yes, taping. I taped PARALLAX in 2009 with the venerable HV20—a tape-based HD camcorder from Canon.

You can visit the official website at http://parallaxthemovie.com for downloadable pictures to share on your social networks, to watch the teasers, or to request any additional information.

Short Movie | PARALLAX (Teaser 2) from stillswordsandmotion on Vimeo.

Short Movie | PARALLAX (Teaser) from stillswordsandmotion on Vimeo.

PARALLAX will be entered into film festivals before being available for viewing online, so enjoy the teasers and downloads until then. Thanks for your patience.

Genre: Drama/Suspense
Director: Scott Hampton
Cast: Maria Redrick-Ward and Gregory Vilfranc

A naive young woman (Maria Redrick-Ward) with percolating passions is confronted with a sudden, unexpected visit from a mysterious, beguiling neighbor (Gregory Vilfranc) who identifies himself only as “The Dude from downstairs.” What appears to be a chance encounter is revealed to be a pivotal moment of truth for her where one choice will make all the difference…in the world.

Based on the Biblical story of Eve’s encounter with the devil, PARALLAX revisits the need for spiritual discernment and accountability in a day and age when libertine gratification is the norm. PARALLAX, a faith-based short film, is suitable for individual and family viewing.

Feel free to watch the teaser as often as you like. Embed it in your Facebook and Twitter pages. Blog about it. Tell others about it. Rate it with 5 stars. Make it viral. Show the world. Be my guest.