Our final assignment in the Digital Devices class was to create a 60-second movie using our digital devices, be they smartphones, tablets, point-and-shoot cameras, webcams, scanners, or any other portable video capturing device we had available. The idea was to encourage us to create art with available tools and not handicap ourselves by believing we need a Canon 5D Mark III with a crane and army of assistants to create films and documentaries.

I used a variety of tools that were on hand and only purchased an inexpensive external microphone. Pre-production was primarily visualization—I had to envision what I wanted my short film to look like. Then I came up with shot lists (and alternatives) and grading ideas. Production included going out into the field to photograph several train stations and the actor, recording nat sound on the train with an iPhone, filming different locations with an iPad mini, and recording the narration using the Pearstone Omni Lavalier Microphone on the iPad mini. Post-production included color grading the stills, editing the audio and video, and creating a simple title and end credit.

Written, Produced, Directed, Photographed, Filmed, and Edited by Scott Hampton
Starring Scotty Hampton

Canon EOS 20D with 85mm prime
Apple iPhone 3G
Apple iPad Mini
Pearstone Omni Lavalier Microphone

Voice Memo (iOS)
Final Cut Express 4
iMovie for iOS