Made in NY PA Training Program

The presenter at the “Made in NY” PA Training Program info session insisted that, “if you don’t get a call by July 19th, you didn’t make it in.

It’s July 22nd now—the Monday after Friday, July 19th—and I didn’t receive a phone call. There was no letter, email, or personal visit from anyone, either, announcing my acceptance in the program. It’s easy to translate the silence as a rejection letter because of the ominous warning from before: “…[no phone call, no training]…”

Being rejected, or turned down, was the furthest thing from mind. I was brimming with unmatched confidence when I attended the info session, my mind aflutter with reveries of training as a PA. I reasoned that, for the five weeks of intensive PA training, I’d have to purchase a wardrobe of khakis, comfortable shirts, baseball caps, and cross-training sneakers; get accustomed to Clif Bars, trail mix, and energy drinks in my diet; and swallow my pride because I’d have to familiarize myself with Starbucks runs, unjamming the copier, faxing receipts, and other menial tasks. It would be fine with me, I thought, because I was eager to become a production assistant in New York City.

Such will not be my reality, at least not via the “Made in NY” PA Training Program, so I’ll reset my priorities and press on. I have other skills and creative options to exercise…