I signed up for, and completed the coursework for, BRIC’s Basic TV Studio Production class. There’s no justifiable reason to ever stop learning when you’re an artist, so I fill my brain with as much supplemental and ancillary knowledge as possible, even when the prospect seems daunting.

Taking this class required a huge leap of faith because it covered material that was foreign to me and placed me in uncomfortable territory. DSLRs and camcorders are completely different beasts from professional studio cameras, just as run-and-gun filmmaking differs from tightly-scripted and meticulously-planned productions.

I wasn’t the only one dipping a toe into fresh waters. The majority of my classmates came in with experience in one or two areas and they were inexperienced in other areas. This made learning easy because the playing field was level: there was no one who could puff out their chest in arrogance because they were more knowledgeable than the “newbies.”

Professional cameras, microphones, and lights…scripts, directions, and cues…studios, mixers, and teleprompters… There was much to learn, and much to look forward to. It was a great class and I had a great time.