I can’t believe the amount of actionable information I absorbed from BRIC’s Basic Marketing Techniques class. The two hours of in-class instruction was worth several weeks of intensive Googling to uncover the information on my own. The $10 I spent on the course was money well-invested and, in truth, nowhere near what this course would cost in another setting. You spend $10 on a burrito and chips at Chipotle, not on a high-level seminar (I came out ahead so I’m not complaining).

Basic Marketing TechniquesWe discussed several major topics, including “The Seven Ms of Marketing,” the necessity of a call-to-action in every message, having an effective branding toolkit, and more effective strategies for social media usage. Everything was thoroughly explained and led to new ideas for promoting myself as a creative professional.

There were several other eager classmates in attendance and we all had some level of professional expertise in one industry or other. What we had in common, despite our diversity, was the desire to improve our chances of getting our individual messages heard. I’m confident that I will because I took thorough notes, kept my course materials, and will be applying my newfound knowledge to everything I do, going forward. I’m walking away a more effective blogger and, consequently, a better investment to any employer. I have even more to offer now.