I’m very enthusiastic for supplemental learning and creative reinforcement. It makes me more productive as a creative and more valuable as an employee. That’s why I read blogs, attend seminars, and stay in the company of those who know more than myself. And, thats why I jumped at the opportunity to take the Intro to Video Blogging class at the Brooklyn Public Library yesterday.

Intro to Video BloggingIt’s unfortunate that it didn’t work out as well as I hoped—the class bored the living daylights out of me. That’s not to say the instructor wasn’t worth her salt (and I truly can’t speak to her qualifications: she was teaching a beginner’s class and had to present the most basic of basic information). The material was so rudimentary that you could have learned more from reading the published class description than you could sitting for two hours in the class, wondering if you’d walk away with anything of substance. Perhaps that’s what I should have done, even though I speak in hindsight now.

Not everyone is familiar with Blogger and WordPress. Not everyone knows how to upload a video to YouTube. Not everyone knows how to navigate through social networks and configure settings intelligently, so I can understand why the instructor had to present the information in spoonfuls and not in large bites. Fine, I can accept that.

Still, I was hoping to learn something about proper audio and microphones, something about intonation, something about posture in front of the web cam…and apparently I was expecting more than the class could deliver. The other students were admittedly unfamiliar with video blogging and came to find out what it was about, so the class was dedicated to them, not me.

All was not lost, though. I haven’t visited a library in a decade so I was genuinely surprised to see how different everything was. Cheap, beige boxes sat on one or two desks throughout the library back then, loaded with an early version of Windows, and now I saw Macs everywhere. 27″ iMacs and 15″ MacBook Pros with Retina displays were as common as in an Apple store. Not bad for a public library. The Macs, alone, made the trip to the library worth it.