Why stop with Basic Non-Linear Editing certification? I took the next step, Intermediate Avid Editing, and received my certification in intermediate editing, also. This class was paced much faster, perhaps to its detriment. I learned more and developed new skills, however there was more to cover in this class than time allowed for. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish my project (I’ve heard that only one student ever finished it).

We covered transitions, picture-in-picture techniques, basic motion graphics, basic audio editing, chroma key, titling, timeline management, and more. The instructor emphasized the importance of using keyboard shortcuts whenever possible, and I’m glad she did because I prefer the keyboard to menus. Keyboard shortcuts only take a short amount of time to learn, yet they provide incredible savings in time while editing.

That’s two certifications in Avid now. Perhaps I’ll sharpen my skills and seek certification from Avid, as well…