The last two weeks were an exciting change of pace for me because I spread my creative wings and took the Basic Field Production class at BRIC. The focus was on cameras, lighting, and audio; it was twelve hours of classroom and field instruction designed to be a fast-track into documentary filmmaking.

We used a Panasonic AG-HMC80P, a three-light Lowel kit, and a lavalier and condenser mic. Camera and lighting were refreshers for me (since I already shot and edited a handful of short movies with consumer HDV cameras and Final Cut Express). Learning about audio, even in this abbreviated session, was beneficial because I never focused on audio, which is truly 50% of your movie.

Not only did I get a t-shirt out of the deal, I also received certification that enables me to use BRIC’s studio and equipment free of charge. Typically, BRIC expects their community producers to produce their own show on Brooklyn Free Speech TV. My intentions are to gig with other community producers to quickly bolster my skills and build a network, being the DP, cameraman, or editor for their shows (I learned that strategy several years ago in a seminar from Anthony Q. Artis of I’m very interested in broadcast and becoming a Production Assistant, if the opportunity arises, and this is a valid first step.