iPad Mini

Apple, Inc. finally released the highly-anticipated iPad Mini to a salivating public who proceeded to eat up the tiny device as soon as it was served. Who would have expected such intense consumer demand, especially after the legendary Steve Jobs vehemently denounced the validity of a 7″ tablet?

The tech-savvy (and sometimes knee-jerk) public demanded the iPad Mini and Apple certainly knew they could enter the market headfirst and make a fortune from their well-designed, tightly-integrated offering. So far, with pre-orders, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and CyberMonday, Apple is poised to announce record-breaking earnings figures again. And again.

Here Comes the Money
Money will be earned because money will be spent. Consumers of all walks of life are flocking to Apple’s retail stores to hold, ogle, cherish, and purchase iPad Minis, declaring it to be the device they were looking forward to all along for their media consumption needs. Plastic in hand, they will satiate their appetite for Apple’s gorgeous device and float on WiFi bliss between the App Store and iTunes, downloading and streaming to their hearts’ content.

Apple stated they sold three million iPad units when they launched the newest generation of iPads, which included the iPad Mini and iPad 4. Those numbers are extremely impressive and are certainly just the tip of the iceberg. Expect to see a few people dotting the landscape of Starbucks nursing an overpriced latte in one hand an an iPad Mini in the other before the year is over. Then, once the shopping season is over and people have been swiping the plastic, get ready to see the iPad Mini everywhere. It’s here.