I sat down recently and told myself that it’s time to get it together. No, not my life—it. My blog. My thoughts…my discoveries…my experiences…collectively, it. I’ve been writing for others for years and have neglected putting my own thoughts down as 0s and 1s. So, decisively, here comes my blog.

Great Expectations
This blog will be my soapbox for creative expression and, to a lesser degree, an opportunity for curious individuals to passively follow along with what I tell others (clients, coworkers, and the occasional technophobe who is allergic to Google, Bing, and Yahoo!) who ask my creative advice. I believe this will be more effective than answering the same questions and providing the same counsel repeatedly to those who ask my advice day-to-day.

I’ll also discuss current issues like internships, seminars, gigs, opportunities, and related concerns. These topics are integral to the creative experience, particularly in a metropolis as diverse and cutting-edge as New York City.

Say What?
Talk back to me. I won’t consider it disrespectful. In fact, I encourage it. It would be great to exchange ideas and opinions for a healthy discussion.