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The Lounge Banner

Colorful New Banner for The Lounge

Having completed The Lounge back in November, my classroom was about as finished as I could get it. Time and budget constraints restricted what I was able to accomplish, so I left well enough alone knowing that I would exceed what I did when September came. Nevertheless, there was one thing I could do to add a bit of panache to the classroom—add a colorful new banner. Continue Reading

Taking Teaching Seriously

A child inscribed “Mr. Scott is a ni**a, a b***h a** ni**a” into the wooden window ledge. That’s serious. Or, is it? I realize the child who scrawled their discontent permanently into the wood was merely expressing their frustration with me. It most likely stemmed from my insistence on their doing homework, or respecting the class rules, or something else they interpreted as “mean.”

What’s truly serious is my role and responsibility as a teacher. Not just a teacher, but a male teacher of color. In the inner city. I’m a minority in many respects when it comes to the education field, nevertheless I teach as if I had the support of millions of individuals just like myself to buoy me up. I’m not in my school just to teach, but to be a role model, a consistent male image, a father figure, a professional, a leader, a sage, a coach, a resource, and so many other things. That’s serious.

via Daily Prompt: Seriousness

Urban Gardening: Regrowing Lettuce Stumps in Water

I asked my students if they thought it possible to regrow stumps of lettuce that were destined for the trash. The stumps were declared garbage—they wouldn’t be used for juicing, compost, vegetable stamp prints, or anything else. Some students thought there was at least a possibility of some activity and some students simply wanted to see what I had up my sleeve. Having been my students for a while, they knew I didn’t ask a simple question. Continue Reading

Two Children on an iMac

I filmed this short movie of two young children enjoying some quiet time in front of an iMac watching cartoons. It has a deliberate, slow pace and emphasizes their cooperation. The big brother chooses what to watch and the little sister enjoys his choices. Continue Reading

James “Pop” Gaskins

Creative in Solitude

James “Pop” Gaskins, manning Camera 2 (I was working as the Floor Manager at the time) on the Community with G. Anthony show. While we worked as a team, communicating via headset and hand signals, each creative eventually settles into a state of solitude to concentrate on their part of the whole production.


Burdock Root Tea

I Prefer It Simple, Not Overwhelming

I enjoy creative pursuits when I’m not teaching, particularly photography. While I can set up lights and lighting ratios, hire stylists, do location scouting, and the wrangle million intricate parts of a photoshoot into a manageable production, it can be overwhelming. I often prefer the streamlined approach of the minimalist one-light photoshoot. Continue Reading

Key limes in bowl

Simple Composition in Green, Orange, and Brown

Photography is one of my life’s passions. I keep a lightweight tripod, light stand, tungsten bulb, and umbrella tucked away in the kitchen cabinet to capture the fleeting moments of beauty in food prep. With the right eye (and angle), you can transform the simple, humble ingredient like a key lime, rutabaga, or oyster mushroom into something majestic and stately.

This photo is straight out of camera with absolutely no post-processing. The metadata for this photo is also simple: a full-frame Canon 6D with the incredible 100mm f/2.8L Macro, ISO 100, f/8, and a tripod-mounted 1/13.

via Daily Prompt: Simple

Pears in the morning sunlight

Pears in the Morning Light

I found an old photo in my archive that beautifully illustrates simplicity. These four pears recline gracefully in the sunlight, Rubenesque and carefree.

The metadata for this photo is also simple: a crop sensor Canon 60D with the beautiful 85mm f/1.8, ISO 100, f/3.5, and a tripod-mounted 1/6 with a nearly imperceptible amount of sharpening and saturation boost.

via Daily Prompt: Simple

Ten juicy tangerines

Snack Time: Ten Tangerines

Snack time in my Afterschool class is always an exciting endeavor. Being health-conscious, it’s my duty to offer wholesome vittles to my students, especially since there’s a dearth of healthy food options available where I teach. Continue Reading

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